Award-winning Colombian-born bilingual actress, Loren Escandon showed her artistic talents from a very young age. She began studying professional ballet at the age of 9 with the National Ballet School.

After years of professionally performing on stage she suffered an ankle injury, and it was at that point Loren decided to hang up her ballet shoes and focus on her love of acting with a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater from the Universidad del Valle Theater.

By her late teens Loren had performed as a theatre actress in numerous national and international productions, travelling across the globe with the famed Teatro del Valle, Columbia.

  • Loren Escandon
  • Loren Escandon
  • Loren Escandon

With her theatre career firmly proven in Columbia, Loren took a leap of faith and made the permanent move to New York to pursue her passion for the performing arts and bigger opportunities that Broadway could offer. She enrolled in the Atlantic Acting School and began to expand her acting techniques to cater for film and television. It wasn’t long before Loren was adding films, commercials, voice-overs and TV shows to her resume.

In 2011 Loren wrote and starred in the award-winning off Broadway play ‘Montera’, a fearless one women show about the oldest profession throughout history and the most dehumanized profession in contemporary times. The play, which in 2013 toured Russia, Spain and Cuba, and in 2014 toured New York, soon relished in rave reviews and rapidly became a theatregoer’s favorite. During the shows run in New York, Loren picked up two prestigious awards, the HOLA Award and ACE Award both for ‘Best Actress in a Solo Show’.
After 12 years living in New York, the Columbian beauty set her sights on Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world. She began training with some of the industry’s top most respected acting coaches and quickly established her career in Hollywood.

In the fall of 2014 Loren booked a recurring co-star role on the highly anticipated CW Television Network show ‘The Messengers’ as the spirited Gabriela. The show, which is set to air Spring of 2015, has an all-star cast and is produced by Joe Incaprera (‘American Horror Story’) and Stewart Lyons (‘Breaking Bad’).

When not acting Loren lends her time to different non-profit organizations and is particularly passionate about animal welfare. She can often be seen hiking the Hollywood Hills with her two shelter rescued Chihuahuas, Lincoln and Taft, both named after the great U.S Presidents.